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Saturday, April 28, 2012


A 19 YEAR OLD MANIPURI STUDENT WHO WAS ALLEGEDLY BEATEN TO DEATH BY HIS HOSTELMATES ON 19TH APRIL 2012. A student at Architecture Engineering at Acharya NRV School of Architecture in Bangalore was allegedly beaten to death by senior hostelmates when he switched the channel of the TV while watching an IPL match on the night of 18th April 2012 in his hostel. Sources have revealed that Richard had a tiff with his classmate and some seniors butt in and beat him up severely. His head was banged repeatedly against the steel frames of a window. The deformed window frames screams about those horrific last moments Richard went through before his dead.

The management at Acharya Insititute have tried to wash their hands off the incident by claiming Richard to be a drug abuser and linking his death with the previous minor accident he met few days before that fateful night.
Please pledge to help his bereaved family get justice and the departed soul, heavenly peace. @Here